Monday, February 28, 2011

Wojciech Szczesny does an Almunia

It was one of the shocking results of English Football. It was a result not on the small stage but a big one.... a very big one indeed . It was the Carling Cup final and who could expect such a shocker. It was one result no person on earth would have predicted not even god. The two teams in the final were Arsenal and Birmingham. Expected Arsenal to win big and get the long awaited trophy but it was not written in their faith as Birmingham won the game 2-1. What a match i have to say.

It was this player in the pic who spoiled Arsenal's day with the biggest possible blunder of his career. Bigger than the one Green made in the world cup. He getting a name in the squad after his brilliant performance against Barca but the sad lad had no other feeling except guilt after that lost. 
He would remember this for the rest of his life . The young lad had got a taste of ad luck. Birmingham won it on a match winning performance by Foster because of the world class saves. Brilliant keeping on one side while horrible on the other side. 
Now Arsenal would again wait for a trophy and lets see if Arsenal can get a good keeper from out of no where and make themselves worth tasting glory and silverware. 


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