Saturday, February 26, 2011

Van der Vaart injury blow

Yes this picture is enough to tell you what this post about and what a shock it is going to be for the spurs fans out there . Being one of the top scorer of the english club Tottenham Hotspur he is one player who they would not want to see with an injury. Unfortunately his talent would not be present probably for the next ten days. It is not a long time but the way the season is going each match is important and the intention to stay in top four is fierce. He would be missing the match to Blackpool this week and may the next match. He picked up this injury against Bolton wanderers where spurs successfully got a win to make the top four real tight. Manager Harry Redknapp confirmed that his star forward suffered a recurrence of the problem in training on Sunday.
Redknapp said: "Rafa did his calf again in training so he's struggling...
"He missed a couple of games, played in Milan, got through 70 minutes and then yesterday morning didn't feel good.
"It's a blow, he is a fantastic player. We need him but we can't get that run out of him.
"I'm hoping he will be back for Wolves. He should be ok, it's not a tear."
Another problem for the team is that bale isn't yet back in form and out of his injury completely and likely to play in the next leg against AC Milan.
Thats not all for the tottenham fans as the player Woodgate which played a match for spurs after almost 15 min of his injury again got injured in the match.
Things gettin worse and worse for them as playmaker Corluka had got a very bad blow in the AC milan match. "Corluka had scans and will be out for a while, certainly not tomorrow and not sure how long after that," this was the comment made by the manager. Instead of him Modric will be making his way back in squad after becoming fit from the injury.
Hope it goes well for them....


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