Saturday, February 19, 2011

A player in making : David luiz

Yea thats the man which gave the penalty to fulham in an enthrilling encounter. Looking to be a brilliant evening for him was spoiled by a little error of Luiz but luckily the chelsea keeper was there for the rescue. David Luiz a star for benfica and maybe now one for Chelsea.
Comments made by Chelsea:

“I have no doubt that David would be a great success at Chelsea. First of all, he is a very good defender, but he is also comfortable on the ball and would contribute a lot, in terms of turning defence into attack.”

This is one interesting line i found on the net so would want to see your take on this line 

"David Luiz: Half the price of Fernando Torres but twice the player, so far"

He has a long way to play and yea i feel many number 4 shirts would be sold out ....


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