Saturday, February 19, 2011

Champions League...

Yes this is the trophy every player and team wants to play for. The biggest tournament i suppose for the footballers with breathtaking and extra interesting action.

In this blog i would be giving you a little bit of each champions league last 16 round up for now.

1-Milan-spurs : Turned out to be a cracker. Gattuso falling in controversies and spurs winning it out 1-0 by a beauty by Lennon and accurate finishing by Crouch. Spurs were the attacking team the first half and then milan a bit in the second but deserved winners od the night were surely Tottenham Hotspur.
The second leg would be played on 9th march for surely this year.

2-Valencia-Schalke : What a comeback which was not expected by Schalke pulling out a 1-1 draw and Raul showing that he is still a worldclass player with one of his signature goals.

3-Arsenal-barcelona : The biggest shock of the champions league arsenal pulling a win out of nowhere. Messi coming close a many times and a shock to the world that Barcelona lost! Lets see if Messi can produce the magic in the second leg which is on 8th march that he produced last season in the ground where Barca are feared the most.

4-Roma-Shakhtar: Not a classic match by names but definitely a match to watch which went to shakhtar who won 3-2. lets see how the second leg goes on..

The next matches are : Kobenhaven        Vs                Chelsea (22/02/2011)
                                   Lyon                   Vs                Real Madrid (22/02/2011)
                                   Marseille             Vs                Manchester United(23/02/2011)
                                   Inter Milan          Vs                Bayern Munchen(23/02/2011)

The brief  match updates would be coming soon after these four matches so be ready for some action on the pitch!!!


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