Friday, February 18, 2011

Cesc Fabregas: Arsenal's win over Barcelona was the best match I've played in

Cesc Fabregas has featured in finals ofthe World Cup, the Champions League and the European Championship buthe rates Arsenal's victory against Barcelona as the highest qualityfootball match in which he has ever played a part. Like thousands of others, Fabregas emerged from the Emirates on Wednesday in awe of the brilliance which had been produced and unsure of what the victory might mean for his team. The Gunners still have lots of work to do in the Nou Camp on March 8 to reach the last eight of the Champions League, one of four trophies they are chasing this season, but their captain agrees they will be inspired by beating Barca. 'It is a massive victory,' said Fabregas. 'For me, this is the best game I've ever experienced on the pitch, in terms of quality and in terms of intensity.'Cesc Fabregas consoles his Barcelona rivals after the 2-1 victory at the Emirates 'And, of course, it was with the right result, as we won. We played with a lot of heart, with intelligence, with passion and that made the difference at the end. It is not every day you beat the best team in history.' It is not as if the Spain midfielder, 23, is a stranger to big games.

He also added ' The win against Barcelona has generated belief that Arsenal's six-year trophy drought could end with an unprecedented haul of silverware this season. Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny added: 'We're very fit. We have a lot of games but don't seem to get tired and I believe we can compete in every competition.'



Anonymous said...

Well Barcelona are going to knock them over in Camp nou's!! :P

February 19, 2011 at 9:10 AM

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