Saturday, March 12, 2011

Things Arsenal need to do to make this a good season :

Arsenal have many highs and lows in this season so i have chalked out points which i think they should improvise on :
1- Make Almunia keep even after Szczensy in back from injury since he is more experienced.
2- Capitalize on Manchester United's mistakes this season and also beat them in the league as that would possibly be the league winning match.
3- Beat Manchester United in FA cup and that would make three losses for them in a row and that would definitely hurt them psychologically.
4- Follow me on twitter and take my advice. . That was just a joke. Anyways they should play more of an attacking style so that there defense does't come under attack much.
5- Last but not the least, forget about the loss against barca and Birmingham as being out of Champions League in a way gives you more time to concentrate on league so take it positively. GO OUT AND WIN!!!


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