Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Champions league quarters update

First game : Madrid  Vs Tottenham - One of the best matches two watch as both the teams would have an attacking display and even though spurs are having a dream run no one can count them out. Real likely to win the match and many people would put their money on them but my bet would go on spurs and they are turning to be the dark horses of this years Champions League. There is nothing to loose for the English side but Real Madrid have everything to loose. Mourinho would definitely like to show of another milestone in his career and move on . Ronaldo would miss the first leg due to injury and that would be a nice advantage for Spurs and hope they can capitalize on it.

Second game : Chelsea Vs Manchester United - this match would definitely see an English team reach the semis and probably reach the finals. Both teams having equal chances as United have confidence of being first in the league and Chelsea have the edge as they beat United recently. Its a match where any prediction can go wrong. Its all on the hands of players how they play on the day.

Third game : Barcelona Vs Shakthar - Barcelona clear favourites for this game. Shakhtar coming of a strong display in the last round against Roma showed that they are not scared of any team and would for sure play attacking against Barca. Barca goalie should tighten up his gloves and be ready to make some hot saves.

Fourth game : Inter Milan Vs Schalke04 - Inter getting the easiest draw in the quarters. Schalke not attacking much but play technically. Inter would like to comfortably reach the semis unlike the round of 16 they won which had a lot of drama. Schalke's main player would be Raul as he is eager to keep making an impact in Europe and show that he is still present.



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