Friday, July 30, 2010

Great news, Man City - Robinho’s coming home!

If you happened to be in Manchester during late January, there’s a good chance that you heard the sound of muffled screams soundclashing with an almighty groan, and a loud cheer.

Don’t worry - it was just the mixed opinions about Robinho being perfectly encapsulated by noise.

And now, like a geriatric echo that takes absolutely ages to do anything, those sounds shall most probably repeat themselves after a cumbersome six month gap, because yes, the artful Robinho, apparently, is on his way back.

Roberto Mancini said these words, directly tackling the situation:

“The situation is that Robinho will finish his contract with Santos.”

“After that he will stay in Brazil for another week, play for the national team and after that he will return to Manchester City.”


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