Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Top 3 matches left in the EPL season !

1- Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur :  Both the teams are not likely to finish in top 4 but if Spurs beat City today
                                                          night it could be by some luck possible be that this match's winner goes 
                                                         on to hold the champions league spot which is the most elite competition
                                                          in the footballing world of clubs. So this is the match which i consider the 
                                                          biggest match to watch out for.

2-Wigan vs West Ham United        :  This season has been probably one of the best season seeing the dog fight 
                                                         at the bottom of the table. These two teams are the last two teams and a 
                                                         win could pull out one of them from the relegation threat for well and good
                                                         as there would be only one game left after that. A draw would do no good
                                                         to them. One match which can prove to be very interesting. 

3-Wolves vs blackburn                 :   Both the teams out of the relegation zone now but a loss in their second last 
                                                        game can bring them down to the relegation zone if the other threatened 
                                                         teams win. So winning their last game of the season could be a big bonus
                                                        to them and one more season in the top flight. !!! 

Going to the last two weeks of the season. This has been an amazing season by seeing changes on the top of the league. It has been a weird but fun and worth watching ride. The top position probably would go to United as they need only one more point. The thing to look out for in the season is the dog fights between the bottom teams as there is a chance in the bottom 6 that any 3 of them can get relegated. So don't miss the relegation threatened teams games as they are gonna have a lot of spice in them.


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