Monday, April 4, 2011

Its different

I being a blogger of football thought of doing something new and adding a little outside knowledge i have of cricket into this post of mine which being in a football post is not at all related with it.
This post is about the Cricket World Cup 2011 and yea im writing this cause it was a real big even of the world
Hosted by three nations : India , Sri Lanka and Bangladesh . India and Sri Lanka reaching the finals respectively and had a cracker of a contest in the finale.
It was a tournament of mixed emotions and started off with two groups. The A group being a tight one and Ireland pulling off the best win of the tournament by an amazing knock by Keving O'brien . Ireland beat England in the match . England with a lot of hard work pulled of an entry in the last 8 where Sri Lanka beat them ruthlessly. The other group had obvious expected qualifiers and was a calm group . 
After the round of 8 the semi final clashes looked like this :
1- New zeland vs Sri lanka
2- India vs Pakistan'
1: The first semi included New zeland who were given the underdog tags but the semis tension haunted them as they lost in a semi final for the sixth time . Bad luck kiwis . Sri Lanka in top form beat them easily and bought them back to earth and booked their place in the finals of the world cup .
2: The next match which earned the highest viewer ship ever was a battle not only of the teams but amongst nations . Any india-pak match would have this emotion flowing high as this one did. India pulled off a win . 

The finals was between both Asian countries. India pulled a win and beat the small nation sri lanka and became world champions . Sachin got the one trophy he wanted . The team made all the indians proud... These are the world champions : (India) 

A note i would like to make on my behalf : Indian players being awarded so much amount for this win which obviously encourages them . If the government can offer half as much as one player got to the whole football team i am sure they would progress too. They should be encouraged and the game FOOTBALL should be breath by all Indians like the game cricket is. I hope whoever read this post like me will put it up on net to improve the facilities and the condition of this beautiful game Football improve in India. 


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